Follow the Patient

At the recent FDA/CMS Summit, Felix Frueh (president of Medco Research Institute) said, “I believe that we could learn so much more if we would just follow patients once they are getting exposed to these drugs.” Now, I don’t always agree with payors — after all, they’re the guys that cut benefits to increase their … Continue reading

The $290 Billion Dollar Problem

What does $290 billion look like? $290,000,000,000 According to the New England Healthcare Institute, $290,000,000,000 is what it costs annually because of poor adherence.  $290,000,000,000 in extra doctor visits, extra hospital admissions, extra emergency room visits, extra prescriptions … caused by non-adherence.  Incredible! Imagine being able to reduce this number.  Not only would healthcare costs decline, … Continue reading

Drugs Like Cars

The pharmaceutical industry and the car industry are very similar in the way they sell. They both sell their goods like they did a hundred years ago — through salespeople: one in a showroom; the other going door-to-door pestering doctors (or if you will, going town to town selling snake oil) … and both types … Continue reading

Unhealthy Healthcare

How can the healthcare system be “unhealthy”? The Commonwealth Fund (a private, non-partisan, non-profit foundation) commissioned a survey that found that Americans pay more when they get sick than people in other Western nations and get more confused, error-prone treatment. Although it sounds like today’s news, the survey was conducted in 2005.  Not much has changed … Continue reading

Why a box?

Outside the Box Thinking — it’s probably the most hackneyed phrase about thinking differently. So, this site is devoted to new thinking that cuts through the crap, gets to the chase … no, those are also old and hackneyed phases! Let’s cut the box and leave it behind!