Drugs Like Cars

The pharmaceutical industry and the car industry are very similar in the way they sell. They both sell their goods like they did a hundred years ago — through salespeople: one in a showroom; the other going door-to-door pestering doctors (or if you will, going town to town selling snake oil) … and both types not someone most people or doctors want to see.

Seems like an area desperately in need of new thinking!

2 Responses to “Drugs Like Cars”
  1. David Delong says:

    The first thing pharma has to do is determine what business they are. What is the customer experience? Pharma’s promotional techniques haven’t evolved since the first brand appeared in the early 1960’s. There is so much that is broken with the pharma commercial model you would think that only a complete crash and rebuild from the ground up will work – the patent cliff could very well be the one event that motivates change.

  2. Michael Wong says:

    So to take David’s points further — what does this new commercial model look like?

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