Follow the Patient Model

If we followed the patient, what would the statement of the business model be and what would be the implications:

  • For Insurers — Insurers pay less for well patients, than for sick patients. Sure reducing patient benefits means less expenses and more profits (something which a lot of insurers seem to be doing these days), but getting the patient better in the long run saves more money.
  • For Physicians: Physicians are even better clinicians when their patients get well. Getting a patient better doesn’t stop when the diagnosis is made and the prescription is written.  In fact, that’s when the job really only begins.
  • For Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceuticals make more money when patients take their medications. Don’t concentrate on winning the next patient, which is what direct-to-consumer advertising does, but concentrate on getting the patients you have to continue to take their medication.  As any grad fresh out of business school will tell you, it’s more expensive to get a new customer, than to keep an old one.
  • For Pharmacists: The Pharmacist’s primary job is not to give information, but to verify a patient’s understanding of the medication and its use. Making sure you have customers who really understand what they’ve bought gets you satisfied customers; and satisfied customers are repeat customers. And, they’ll likely also buy your toothpaste and soap as they pass thru your aisles.
  • For Advocates: Advocates help consumers make sound decisions about a very important part of good health: use of medicines. Help your patients understand their medications, how to use them, and how to live with them.  Be the conduit of understanding.

Agree or disagree?

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