Take my drug switching survey

Drug switching (aka therapeutic substitution) occurs when your pharmacist, health plan or health insurer gives you a drug that is different from the one that your doctor prescribed. Switching from a brand name drug to its chemically equivalent is generic substitution and is generally allowed by law. However, switching to a drug that is not chemically equivalent is generally not allowed without your doctor’s approval – whether that be from branded to generic, generic to another generic, generic to branded, or branded to another branded.

“Therapeutic substitution” means switching a patient from the drug originally prescribed by his or her physician to “an entirely different chemical entity,” which is considered “a giant step beyond generic substitution” where the patient is switched from the prescribed drug to its generic equivalent. [Therapeutic Substitution — Usurpation of the Physician’s Prerogative. John C. Ballin. JAMA. 1987. 257(4):528-529]

Please take my drug switching survey and tell me what you think about drug switching.

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