Need for an adherence platform: recently launched Journal of Patient Compliance

The need for a platform where all stakeholders can communicate and exchange ideas on how to improve patient adherence and health outcomes is much needed if this important issue is going to solved. The Journal of Patient Compliance was just launched this month. JPC is a peer reviewed Journal that looks into the ideal way in … Continue reading

The value of friends in a battle: Terry Kalley and the Genentech Avastin battle with the FDA

On December 16, 2010, the FDA issued a press release regarding the Genentech drug Avastin. The headline to the release says it all: FDA begins process to remove breast cancer indication from Avastin label: Drug not shown to be safe and effective in breast cancer patients On Genentech’s side are Washington lawyers, lobbyists and a national … Continue reading

When should patients not follow the advice of their doctors?

Question — When should patients not follow the advice of their doctors? Answer — Most of the time. Or, at least, that’s what the recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine seems to have found. As Dr Timothy Quill, author of an accompanying editorial in the journal, says: It’s a pretty clear message: There’s a discrepancy … Continue reading

What can make health insurers back down from a fight?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has just launched a major multimedia campaign in an attempt to improve its image. In its website, BCBS portrays goats and asks us to choose a scape goat for rising healthcare costs: The attempt by BCBS of North Carolina to shore up its reputation comes at an interesting … Continue reading

Does saying “sorry” to a medical error increase or decrease liability?

The Nerdy Nurse made a great comment in response to whether our healthcare system is too litigious: If we extend [a] little more respect and customer service to our patients, I believe the number of lawsuits would decline. remember, patients don’t sue their friends. Make them feel welcome and treat them like a human being, and … Continue reading

Is the US healthcare system too litigious or too careless?

In a recent study published in Health Affairs, researchers at the University of Utah and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement found that errors “occurred in one-third of hospital admissions”. Moreover, they “found at least ten times more confirmed, serious events than … other methods.” Commenting on this study, Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Susan Dentzer said: Without doubt, we’ve seen … Continue reading

Doctor’s orders may not be followed at pharmacy or by health insurer

A Team 4 (Pittsburgh ABC affiliate) investigation found the drug your doctor prescribes may not always be the exact same drug you get at the pharmacy: While it’d be nice to think that drug switching has stopped since the airing of this investigation November 2009, more than 80% of you readers say it is happening … Continue reading

Are doctors the forgotten factor in improving patient adherence?

Doctors almost seem to be the forgotten player in the healthcare system — perhaps it’s because of the perception that doctors are just pawns of the pharmaceutical industry. For example, there has been a steady stream of news about doctors refusing to see pharmaceutical sales reps and cutting financial ties with pharmaceuticals. Or, perhaps it’s … Continue reading