Patients with chronic pain may face a medication double jeopardy

We as a society either take too much or too little prescription medication — and, interestingly, sometimes both too much and too little in the same patient. In a recent article, “America’s fatal addiction to prescription drugs”, the author (Dr David Kloth) describes rather poignantly this plight with prescription medications: Misuse of legal medications kills … Continue reading

What the new Facebook policy tells pharmaceuticals about branded vs. non-branded programs

There seems to be a lot of hand wringing around the recently announced Facebook policy that it will no longer allow pharmaceuticals to disable the comments feature on their pages. By being able to disable the comment function, the pharmaceutical could avoid having an adverse event or off-label usage reported on their Facebook page. As … Continue reading

When is health data personal and when is it not?

Patient-physician confidentiality is a long held principle. Although the US Federal Rule of Evidence 501 does not specifically refer to this confidentiality, these rules of evidence provide that it “shall be governed by the principles of the common law as they may be interpreted by the courts of the United States in the light of … Continue reading