Should all patients after surgery be monitored?

In a survey conducted by the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety, almost all healthcare providers (90%) say that “continuous electronic monitoring of oxygenation and ventilation should be available and considered for all patients”. This monitoring “would reduce the likelihood of unrecognized clinically significant opioid-induced depression of ventilation in the postoperative period.”

Dr. Marc Popovich (Medical Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Cleveland Clinic) expresses surprise over these results. “I am quite shocked that the disagree group is that high! The question asked whether continuous monitoring should be ‘available and considered’ for all patients. What this survey result is saying is that 10% do not have monitoring available and it is not even being considered for their patients after surgery.”

Moreover, as Dr. Moises Auron (Department of Hospital Medicine and the Center for Pediatric Hospital Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic) says, “This intervention is easy. Simply clamp on the pulse oximeter and hook up the capnograph.”

Do you agree or disagree? Please take the PPAHS poll and vote YES or NO.

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