What’s Driving the Costs of Malpractice Claims?

What are the costs of the malpractice claims? According to the study published in Health Affairs, “National Costs of the Medical Liability System”, concluded that the costs are $55.6 billion a year, which is 2.4% of annual healthcare spending. This $55.6 billion is divided as follows: $45.6 billion in defensive medicine costs $5.7 billion in … Continue reading

Improving Patient Safety in Hospitals: Can Hospitals Afford to Give Away Money? So Why Do Preventable Adverse Events Still Occur in Hospitals?

This is the question that I posed to lawyers, insurers, and healthcare professionals attending a major healthcare conference, the Crittenden Medical Conference. According to the Institute of Medicine, each preventable adverse event costs about $8,750 — and this excludes potential litigation costs. Can hospitals afford to give away money? So, why do preventable adverse events still occur … Continue reading

What Does Our Healthcare System Look Like?: Decoding Your Medical Bills

Some creative designers would like your opinion on how they see healthcare: To see a full copy of their graphic, please click here.

Do Hospitals Care About Improving Patient Outcomes?: Hospital Report Cards Fall Flat at Improving Patient Outcomes

In a recent study published in Health Affairs, researchers wanted to know whether Medicare’s public reporting initiative, Hospital Compare, which began reporting measures of hospital quality for almost all US acute care hospitals in 2005, had an impact on patient mortality. They concluded: Medicare’s public reporting initiative for hospitals has had a minimal impact on … Continue reading