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Don’t pay for adherence when it can be self-funded!


Getting non-adherent patients to listen to and dialogue with adherent patients can improve adherence.

#524  (corollary to #523)

To improve adherence, find stories from patients who are diagnosed, on treatment, adherent, and willing to tell their story!

#525 (corollary to 523)

Just because it’s a story told by a patient doesn’t make it an adherence story.


Place patients at the heart of the discussion, and not just as the subject matter of the discussion.


Use trusted members of the community to deliver a message that has meaning to that community in a manner that community is used to hearing.


You can’t have great customer service if you don’t know who your customer is.

By all means “use” unpaid bloggers to “promote” your product. They’re your products best friends!


To boost patient adherence (and product revenues), engage nurses.


tbd [if I work at it, I just might get there!]

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