Patient-to-Patient (P2P) Adherence Solution (TM)

Patient-to-Patient (P2P) Adherence Solution (TM) is the only adherence solution which is based on patient-to-patient interaction supported by HCP support and guidance. The foundation of our patient-to-patient program is adherent patient stories improving health outcomes of other patients, as recently validated in the randomized clinical trial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

However, as you can appreciate, not all patient stories are good adherent stories. As Dr Ben Gerber (Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Illinois, Chicago) explains, for a story to be medically helpful, it must provide:

  • basic information
  • emotional support
  • model behavior
  • “a more realistic sense of the good and bad than the doctor does”

We use our proprietary patient database to find such stories and are guided in this process by HCPs.  Please note that none of our patients are paid, scripted or remunerated. It’s genuine and without the liability and agency issues associated with paid or trained spokespersons.

Moreover, we get paid when patients are adherent … what could be better!

For more information on how our Patient-to-Patient (P2P) Adherence Solution can help improve your product’s usage and adherence, please email me at

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