Improving Patient Safety in Hospitals: Can Hospitals Afford to Give Away Money? So Why Do Preventable Adverse Events Still Occur in Hospitals?

This is the question that I posed to lawyers, insurers, and healthcare professionals attending a major healthcare conference, the Crittenden Medical Conference. According to the Institute of Medicine, each preventable adverse event costs about $8,750 — and this excludes potential litigation costs. Can hospitals afford to give away money? So, why do preventable adverse events still occur … Continue reading

Governments unlikely to act on health care reform without public pressure

The news headline said it best — Governments unlikely to act on health care reform without public pressure Although this headline is from The Canadian Press, it could just as easily been a headline about US healthcare reform. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced initiatives designed to help health care providers improve … Continue reading

Is the US healthcare system too litigious or too careless?

In a recent study published in Health Affairs, researchers at the University of Utah and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement found that errors “occurred in one-third of hospital admissions”. Moreover, they “found at least ten times more confirmed, serious events than … other methods.” Commenting on this study, Health Affairs Editor-in-Chief Susan Dentzer said: Without doubt, we’ve seen … Continue reading