Three Steps to Limiting Liability to Facility-Acquired Pressure Ulcer

The Risk Management Quarterly, the peer-reviewed journal for The Association for Healthcare Risk Management recently published in its Risk Management Quarterly Journal-Volume I 2015 Edition the article by Scott Buchholz, Esq. (Dummit, Buchholz & Trapp) and Michael Wong, JD, (executive director, Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety) three practical tips for healthcare facilities to improve patient … Continue reading

What’s Driving the Costs of Malpractice Claims?

What are the costs of the malpractice claims? According to the study published in Health Affairs, “National Costs of the Medical Liability System”, concluded that the costs are $55.6 billion a year, which is 2.4% of annual healthcare spending. This $55.6 billion is divided as follows: $45.6 billion in defensive medicine costs $5.7 billion in … Continue reading

Who should set medical standards — doctors or lawyers?

In this article I wrote with lawyer Peter A. Corsale (Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C.), we ask the question, “Who should set medical standards — doctors or lawyers?” I believe that medical standards should be set by doctors. After all, medicine is what doctors are trained to do. As Peter and I argue, the alternative … Continue reading