Information Not Enough to Change Behavior

A study conducted by Scripps researchers and published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine found that direct-to-consumer genetic testing did not result in any measurable short-term changes in psychological health, diet or exercise behavior, or use of screening tests.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me. When I worked on smoking cessation, it wasn’t enough to just … Continue reading

The $290 Billion Dollar Problem

What does $290 billion look like? $290,000,000,000 According to the New England Healthcare Institute, $290,000,000,000 is what it costs annually because of poor adherence.  $290,000,000,000 in extra doctor visits, extra hospital admissions, extra emergency room visits, extra prescriptions … caused by non-adherence.  Incredible! Imagine being able to reduce this number.  Not only would healthcare costs decline, … Continue reading